Say hello to the evolution of the world's favourite brew; say hello to Calcutta Chai Co!

Chai is an indelible part of life in this country, and nowhere more so than in Calcutta, the tea capital of India. With tea houses dating back centuries and a unique tea culture all its own, it is a city unlike any other. We wanted to share this uniqueness with the world from our own perspective, and of course, our love for chai.

We’re here to reintroduce chai to a new age; to make your everyday cuppa as easy as 1-2-3. To offer a great cup of chai every time without any hassle, without any fuss, and without any compromise. To take the Indian Chai Experience global, like never before.

Easy to store and even easier to make, enjoy the warmth of home, anywhere, with our Indian Chai premixes.

Our Collection of Products

  • Mulled Wine Spice Mix

    Evoking the spirit of the season with every sip, let our Mulled Wine transport you to a place of holiday cheer and togetherness.

  • Hot Chocolate Chai

    Take a sip and savour the enchantment of the season with each comforting gulp of our indulgent hot chocolate.

  • Masala Chai

    Rejuvenate your senses with a cup of hot chai, brimming with authentic Indian spices and the warmth of home.

  • cardamom Chai

    Uplift your spirits with a steaming cup of chai, packed with the warm flavours of Cardamom and Ashwagandha.

  • ginger chai

    Brew yourself an utterly refreshing cup of chai, brimming with the goodness of ginger and the warmth of home.

  • saffron chai

    Sip on a fragrant cup of hot chai and be transported to the majestic vales of Kashmir, with our rich saffron flavours.

  • The Collector's Chai Box

    Elevate your daily chai ritual with our collector's gift box. Brimming with the goodness of whole spices, sip on a cup of authentic Indian Chai, instantly.

  • The Festive Gift Box - Selected Specials

    Celebrate the seasons greatest flavours with our Festive Gift Box. Evoke the sense of joy and warmth with every sip of our Selected Specials.

Tea Made Easy

Premixed with milk solids & sugar, just add hot water to enjoy a comforting mug of chai hassle-free

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