Top 5 snacks to pair up with your evening chai

As terrific as a great cup of chai can be, we all know that you elevate the experience better than the right snack. From samosas to barfis, from pakoras to momos, India is a cultural platter of mouth-wateringly delicious snacks that complement our everyday Chai rituals. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, or looking for something savory, here are 10 classic snack pairings to enjoy alongside a cup of our instant tea premixes!



The obvious choice, ol’ reliable. Very few things in life go together as well as biscuits and chai. Whether it’s a crunchy cracker or a rich chocolate cookie, there’s a tea-and-biscuit pair for any and every occasion!


Perhaps India’s most famous snack, our love for chai-samosa can never be overstated. This savory delight perfectly complements the sweet & spicy flavors of chai. For many, it is the king of chai snacks.



We’re always looking for an excuse to unwind with some chai, and sometimes a bit of rain is all it takes to make us want to curl up with a warm cuppa and a plate of piping hot pakoras. Internationally better recognised as ‘Fritters’, these delicious fried snacks are small explosions of flavor.



Who says cakes are only for special occasions? Every day is special, and every day is a celebration, so have a slice of cake with your cup of evening chai. Whether it's a rich fruitcake, or a light sponge cake, turn up your snack game with a slice of your favorite!



While this is a wide net to throw, it just goes to show how versatile a cup of chai can be. From barfis to rasmalai, there is a wide plethora of irresistible sweet treats that pair well with a warm cuppa of your favorite brew.

In conclusion, a delicious and comforting drink can be made even better by pairing it with the right snack. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, there is a snack out there that will perfectly complement your cup of chai. Get started on your tea journey with our instant tea premixes Calcutta Chai Co!



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