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A comforting cup of chai is an essential part of our morning routines, especially during these cold winter mornings. But how do you keep your habits going in more inhospitable surroundings? Whether you’re trekking through woodlands or hiking up a mountain, don't compromise on your love for chai. Here’s why a sachet of Calcutta Chai Co’s instant tea premixes is an essential part of your hiking kit:


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One of the biggest benefits of our instant chai is its convenience. When you are camping on a windswept mountain, you want to be able to enjoy a warm drink as soon as possible. With instant chai, you simply need to add hot water, stir, and you're good to go. 

Our instant chai is also incredibly lightweight, compact, and portable, making it an ideal drink to take with you on your outdoor adventure. Our all-in-one sachets are the perfect package to sip and share, making for an excellent option for trekkers and hikers who want a soothing cuppa on the go.


Made from 100% natural Assam tea extracts and whole spices from the Malabar coast, our chai is expertly blended to give you a flavorful cup every time. Our instant chai premixes also come in a variety of flavors, classic masala chai to ginger, cardamom and saffron. Enjoy a plethora of flavors effortlessly, with our Calcutta Chai Co. 

Energy boost

Trekking and hiking can often be quite physically demanding, and it is important to keep your energy levels up during these activities. Our instant chai is a great, easy way to boost your energy levels. The caffeine from our rich Assam tea will keep you alert, and our rich assortment of spices like ginger are well-known for their energizing properties. Calcutta Chai Co’ instant premixes are the perfect drink to kickstart a day of adventure, or for whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

Soothing flavors of home

Unwind after a long day with a soothing cup of chai, brimming with the familiar and nostalgic flavors of home. A great cup of chai is a salve for the senses, and our instant chai premixes are the perfect solution to enjoying a cup of your favorite brew in seconds.


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your daily chai experience today with Calcutta Chai Co! You can get started by checking out some of our finest instant chai.


Instant Chai by Calcutta Chai Co

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